Moving Boxes & Supplies – Hayes, VA

Moving Boxes in Hayes, VA

The professional movers at The Other Moving Company in Hayes, VA offer a variety of different moving supplies including everything from moving checklists to moving boxes and packing materials. For more information about these supplies, pricing or to receive a free quote call us today!


Top-Quality Moving Boxes and Supplies at Affordable Prices in Hayes, VA

At The Other Moving Company, we provide our customers with top-of-the-line boxes. Whether you are packing a small one-bedroom apartment or a large corporation, we have solutions for all of our customers.


  • Small Boxes – Boxes 1.5 cubic feet in size are perfect for packing things like CDs, DVDs, books, household tools, canned goods, and other similar items.
  • Medium Boxes – Moving boxes that measure 3.0 cubic feet are still considered small, yet they can handle heavier items such as electronics, pots and pans, lamps, some outdoor tools, small kitchen appliances, and so on.
  • Larger Boxes – At 4.5 cubic feet, these boxes accommodate more of your possessions. Some examples of what you or our professional packers could place inside include linens, your children’s toys, larger lamps, folded clothes, non-breakable kitchen goods, lamp shades, and more.
  • Largest Boxes – When it comes to general-purpose boxes, we have both 6 and 6.5 cubic feet sizes for bulkier possessions like comforters and blankets, area rugs, winter coats, and oversized stuffed toys.
  • Dish Boxes – With a multilayer construction, these moving boxes offer incredible strength, making them ideal for carefully wrapped breakables like china, dishes, crystal, small to medium glass picture frames, and more.
  • Mattress Carton – Just as the name implies, these boxes, which come in an assortment of sizes, hold both top mattresses and box springs. In some instances, you can use mattress cartons to transport futons, sleeper sofas, and even waterbeds.
  • Mirror Carton – For mirrors as well as framed photos and glass table tops, we offer superior quality mirror cartons.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – Of all our standard moving boxes, these are the largest. Used for hanging clothes, you can use them for local, long-distance, and international moves. However, wardrobe boxes are also perfect for curtains, tablecloths, and other items.


Whether you do a self-move or hire our team at The Other Moving Company, you can relax knowing your belongings will have excellent protection with the boxes we provide.


Moving Boxes & Packing Materials

Take advantage of our moving boxes and packing materials. For more information or to request these items please contact us today!

Small Moving Boxes 1.5 cu ft $1.75 each
Medium Moving Boxes 3.1 cu ft $2.50 each
Large Moving Boxes 4.5 cu ft $3.00 each
Other Supplies

Dish Packs $5.50 each
LampMoving Boxes $3.50 each
Mirror $1.75 each
Wardrobe Moving Boxes $12.00 bar included
Tape $2.50/roll 60 yards
Rope $10.00 100 ft
Packing Paper $25.00 25 lb bundle
Bubble Wrap $28.00/roll 3/16″ 12’X150′
Mattress Bags
Shrink Wrap