Moving Truck Rental from The Other Moving Company in Hayes, VA

Local Moving Truck Rental from The Other Moving Company in Hayes, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, VA, and the Surrounding Areas

While it might seem strange having a professional moving company rent trucks for residential self-moves, at The Other Moving Company (TOMCO), we have multiple solutions. Our goal is to help customers in any way we can, which includes moving truck rental.

For one thing, we maintain an impressive fleet of residential moving trucks. These trucks are available for local, short term residential use. That way, you can continue on your journey without incident, reaching your destination on time. Especially if you rent a moving truck in conjunction with our professional movers for transporting large household items, you want the assurance of arriving ahead of them or at the same time.

Compared to truck rental services that focus on nothing but self-moves, we rent our trucks at more affordable rates. We understand that moving creates financial stress for a lot of people. If you decide to handle the move with the help of family and friends, we can help reduce the overall cost by providing an excellent moving truck.

Penske Truck Rental

We now partner with Penske to offer you the best truck rental services as possible. With this addition to our fleet of moving trucks, we can help meet all of your moving needs.

Many professional moving companies shy away from offering residential moving truck rental, believing it takes away from their primary business. At The Other Moving Company, we have a different opinion. As full-service movers, whether you rent on of our 17 ft trucks for a self-move or one along with our superior relocation services, we want you to have the solution you need and can afford.


Residential Moving Truck Rental in Hayes, VA

Along with moving truck rental, we can help out with materials and supplies. For instance, if you need boxes, we can provide them. If you need wardrobe cartons or those used for protecting mirrors and glass artwork, we have you covered. We also provide a dolly, packing material, and moving blankets to wrap furniture and electronics, all at competitive prices.

Of course, if you choose to forgo our moving truck rental and hire us to handle every aspect of your upcoming relocation, we are here to assist. We have an incredibly talented team of movers who genuinely care about making our customers happy. They rely on their experience and expertise to provide a smooth transition. Ultimately, your belongings show up when you expect them and in the same conditions as they were in when you packed them.

Something else to consider is that regardless of whether you take advantage of our moving truck rental service or hire our team, we offer professional packing and unpacking services. If you have little time or feel stressed out, allow us to take over this part of the process. Our packers follow a strategic plan that ensures your possessions make it to their destination without any damage.


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