Home Staging Packers and Movers in Hayes, VA and Williamsburg, VA

Exceptional Home Staging Packers and Movers in Hayes, VA and Williamsburg, VA

At The Other Moving Company (TOMCO), we take a lot of pride in offering our customers a full spectrum of solutions, all affordably priced. Among these is our home staging service. With a team of experts that possesses years of experience and continually goes through extensive training, we promise to complete the project so that it meets your specific requirements.

Although people use our home staging packers and movers for a variety of reasons, this primarily benefits sellers, builders, and realtors. If you plan to list your house on the market, it is essential that you do everything possible to make it stand out from other properties in the same geographic location. In addition to a fair asking price, you need to make the interior feel homey and inviting.


Secured Storage Solutions

The challenge for most homebuyers is they cannot envision their property inside of a house filled with other people’s possessions. With a state-of-the-art storage facility, we can put your belongings in a unit while we bring in different furniture, artwork, and various furnishings. By neutralizing the inside of your house, it becomes more enticing.

Builders also depend on our home staging packers and movers. Considering it is currently a buyer’s market, they need a way to attract people away from their competitors. For a newly developed neighborhood, a builder can stage a model home, making it possible for potential buyers to gain a better idea as to how the floorplan would look furnished.

Even real estate agents take advantage of the home staging services we provide at TOMCO. Especially when hosting an open house, this helps organize the interior of the house, making it appear larger. When homebuyers can walk around without bumping into furniture or seeing toys lying around, magnets covering the refrigerator, and bills stacked on the countertop, they have more interest.


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With years of experience as professional stagers, we can turn the inside of your house into a beautiful sanctuary that potential buyers will love. Contact TOMCO today to learn more about our home staging packers and movers.