Timeshare Renovation Moves in Hayes, VA & Williamsburg, VA

Expert Timeshare Renovation Movers in Hayes, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, VA, and the Surrounding Areas

With incredible deals available and trips to destinations around the world, an increasing number of people are buying into timeshares. However, just as a primary residence, things begin to show their age eventually. If you have a timeshare renovation planned but need assistance moving everything out and then back in once the workers complete the project, turn to our specialists at The Other Moving Company (TOMCO).


Full-Service Residential and Commercial Movers

As a bona fide full-service moving company, we offer a broad range of solutions for both residential and commercial moves. Among these are our timeshare renovation services, something you seldom see offered by other movers. At TOMCO, we strive to give our customers a unique experience, which we achieve with our innovative solutions and affordable prices.

Before starting your timeshare renovation, we can send an estimator to the property to assess the type and volume of goods involved. Based on the findings, that individual will provide you with a quote. The estimator goes over all the details, including price so that you understand what the service includes. When comparing our quote with others received, you will discover that not only do we offer more comprehensive solutions but also much lower rates.


Experienced Moving Team

Before the project starts, we will send an experienced team to the property. Working quickly and strategically, but without compromising on quality, the experts will have everything out in time for the constructions workers to begin. As part of our timeshare renovation moves, we have a clean and secure storage facility where we can keep your items until you are ready for them.

With all the upgrade complete, you would contact us at TOMCO to have your possessions taken out of storage and delivered to the property. Just as we did with the first round, our professional team will carefully inspect every item and rewrap for optimum protection if needed. The experts then carefully load the goods to prevent shifting during transport, and after taking them to the timeshare, they can unpack and place everything where you designate.

With our timeshare renovation services, you can focus on dealing with the construction company, knowing that we have your belongings safe and secure. Because we pack and unpack items on your behalf, your stress level decreases substantially. Why make the renovation process difficult when our services are only a phone call away?


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