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We at The Other Moving Company know how stressful a move can be. Whether it is a residential move across town for your family or relocating a business to a new city, planning the move and finding secure storage solutions for your items during the move can be an overwhelming experience. As a leader among full service moving companies in Hayes, VA, The Other Moving Company has put together a list of moving and storage resources from expert movers to help make your move a little more stress-free.



Moving Checklist

This is a comprehensive moving and storage checklist that was designed to help you stay on track leading up to, during, and after your moving day. Our movers recommend printing it and keeping it on-hand throughout your entire move.
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Mind-Blowing Moving Stats

These are 7 great moving and storage stats to help you get a better idea of how to prepare and plan for your upcoming move.
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TOMCO Highlights

This is a video that shows why TOMCO is a leader among full service moving companies in Hayes, VA and the surrounding areas.
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Resources for Senior Moving Services

For professional senior moving services, choose the compassionate, careful, and experienced movers from The Other Moving Company. Check out our guide for stress-free senior moving services.

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How to Properly Store Musical Instruments

Whether you play for fun or work as a professional musician, your instruments must be packed and stored very carefully to ensure they make the journey safely. Here are some moving and storage tips for handling musical instruments properly.

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Office Storage and Moving Professionals in Hayes, VA

Proper Office Storage and Moving Techniques

Moving and storage for your office, whether you have a home office or one in a local office building, packing everything for the move to a new location presents a number of unique challenges.

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Hiring Professional Movers in Hayes, VA

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

People move by themselves all the time. But oftentimes, it’s a stressful experience that brings a bit of dread every time you think about it. In addition to easing your stress, there are other reasons to consider hiring professional movers.

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