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While a local move requires a lot of planning and organization, the level of involvement for an out-of-state move is even more intense. To ensure that every customer of The Other Moving Company receives stellar service, we use only experienced and highly-trained movers in Newport News, VA. As a result, there is significantly less stress, chaos, and risk for lost or damaged goods.

With a history of providing excellent services at affordable prices, people in Newport News, VA, have come to trust us. They know that instead of cookie-cutter solutions, we tailor our services according to each customer’s needs. That level of personalization is one reason we have become an industry leader. Our professional movers in Newport News, VA follow all federal and state regulations. Because the standards for an out-of-state move surpass those for a local relocation, we take our services seriously. Our goal is to streamline every phase of the process, making the journey easy on customers while protecting their possessions.


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Considered one of the top moving companies in Newport News, VA, it is critical for The Other Moving Company to provide customers with fair and accurate quotes. To accomplish that, people can request to have an estimator come to their home or business. While there, this expert will survey the type and quantity of goods that need to be moved, followed by determining the approximate weight and size of the load. At the same time, the estimator will address other worthwhile options such as packing and unpacking, insurance, and more. Once finished, that individual provides the customer with a quote for the cost of the move.

Falling in line with federal regulations, we provide every customer with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This booklet, published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration division of the US DOT, outlines detailed information that consumers should know when they are using an out-of-state moving company.

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If you are planning an upcoming move, contact us online or call The Other Moving Company today. We will devise a solution specifically for you and do everything in our power to keep the price within your budget. As a leader among moving companies in Newport News, VA, we take extra measures to wrap, pad, and secure every load. Our moving team will strategically place your items inside of the truck. This combination will protect your belongings, thus preventing loss, damage, or even destruction. Once delivered, you will discover your possessions in the same pristine condition.