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Convenient Storage Containers in Hayes, VA

For both residential and commercial customers, The Other Moving Company offers unique storage container solutions. Whether you have an abundance of items or a small amount to store, we can accommodate your needs with a top-of-the-line storage container solution. We offer different size containers, all designed for maximum protection. Especially if you have a temporary storage need, moving containers often work better than using a conventional facility.

Based on the type and quantity of belongings you need to store, one of our company representatives will determine the correct container size. With that done, we will deliver the container to your home or business, place it outside, and then give you the time needed to add things until finished or full.

Due to the versatility and flexibility of storage containers, you can use this option whether moving a few miles from your current location or to an entirely different state. Although every customer relies on containers for different reasons, they work excellent when moving, remodeling, or even decluttering. Regardless of your situation, this is a great way to remove items from inside your house or business.

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Just as with all the services that we provide at The Other Moving Company, we keep our prices on storage containers affordable. Instead of spending more money than you need to, consider this as a solution. While discussing different sized containers, our representative will go over all the pricing options, helping you select whatever fits your budget.

Regardless if you need storage space for up to four rooms or a small 500 square foot space, storage containers are incredible. You can even rent a moving container to move your son’s or daughter’s possessions into a dorm room on a college campus. Once filled, you let us know where you want the container taken and we will deliver. Just imagine, instead of trying to cram everything into multiple cars, you can use a single storage container and have your child settled in quickly.

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For more information on our storage container solutions, please contact us at The Other Moving Company.