International Movers Based in Hayes, VA

Trusted International Movers In Hayes, VA From The Other Moving Company

Of all moving scenarios, heading to a different country is the most complex. At The Other Moving Company (TOMCO), we understand that. In response, we work hard to deliver your belongings on the date scheduled and in the same condition as when packed. Whether you plan to move overseas for a job or to spend time touring another country, we guarantee a smooth process.


Relying on the Experts

While you learn about a new culture or brush up on a foreign language, our team of professional international movers will take care of everything else. We know the different rules and regulations for the customs department in the new country where you plan to move. As you can imagine, that alone prevents potential problems. We will also advise you as to what items you can and cannot take to your destination.

With years of experience, our international movers will ensure seamless door-to-door services. As a full-service moving and storage company, we provide stellar support throughout every phase of the move. Because we specialize in international moves, you have the assurance that we follow all applicable laws.


Local International Movers in Hayes, VA

Not only that, but our experienced movers also have the expertise needed to move your goods safely and securely. Considering the distance and various modes of transportation involved, it takes in-depth knowledge of both strategies and systems to guarantee a flawless process.

In recent years, the number of people traveling to a foreign country for work or pleasure has increased substantially. For that reason, companies have cropped up everywhere, claiming to be the “best” international movers. Instead of recently jumping on this trend, we have provided customers with international moving assistance for many years.

As a moving company that specializes in overseas relocations, we have a trained staff capable of handling every detail. We also maintain strong relationships with third parties so that once your possessions leave the United States, they transition to another set of qualified professionals. Whether shipping your items using one, or more systems, including ground, air, sea, and rail, you never have to worry about a delay or damaged goods.

At TOMCO, our top-rated international movers even have long-standing connections with warehouse providers. If you need to some or all your possessions in storage, whether short or long term, we will choose the appropriate location for you, one we trust explicitly.


Positive Overseas Move

For a positive international move, you can always count on us at The Other Moving Company (TOMCO). In addition to experience, we offer efficiency, state-of-the-art equipment and fleet, vast knowledge, and all the support needed during your move.