Moving Truck Rental - Hayes, VA

Moving Truck Rental in Hayes, VA From TOMCO

When it comes to moving companies, the type and quality of services and equipment used are dramatically different from one to another. At The Other Moving Company (TOMCO), we utilize only the best. As a result, we can provide you with a seamless moving experience from start to finish. We have the moving truck rental solutions you need.

Along with a professional team, we maintain a top-of-the-line fleet. Every moving truck our experts use is well maintained. Considering the truck is what will transport your goods from point A to point B, the quality is critical. By utilizing a superior fleet, there is a significant decrease in the risk of a breakdown that could delay the delivery of your possessions.

The one thing that most customers never ask about is the moving truck, but at TOMCO, we make a point to let the people we serve know that we have an outstanding fleet. Not only do we use new or newer trucks, we use those with an excellent suspension. That detail gives you even more confidence that your belongings will arrive on time and undamaged. Call us today to hear more information about our moving truck rental solutions.

Renting a Moving Truck From The Other Moving Company

You might find it surprising that at TOMCO, we also provide rental trucks. While we would prefer to help every customer through the moving process, we understand that some people prefer to handle the job or have a small load. Just as with our regular fleet, we make sure that our rental trucks are in tip-top shape, ensuring both safety and reliability on the road.

Keep in mind that even if you opt to rent a moving truck, you can still take advantage of other services we provide. As an example, we have an experienced and trained team that can do all your packing and unpacking. They can also assist with taking furniture apart and putting it back together and even driving to pick up new pieces purchased from a store on your behalf.

A Trusted Source

The Other Moving Company (TOMCO) has an impressive fleet. Every moving truck is of superior quality. We also have rental trucks for customers who prefer to take that route. For the smoothest move possible, please contact us today. As a full-service company, we have a host of standard services, or we can customize a solution based on your specific needs. Either way, we take immense pride in always putting the customer first.


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