Professional Rigging Services – Hayes, VA

Experienced Industrial Rigging Services in Hayes, VA from TOMCO

When it comes to moving, most people immediately think of companies that help residential and commercial customers relocate. While we provide those services at The Other Moving Company (TOMCO), we also have specialized rigging services. Therefore, if you need one or more cranes moved, you can turn to us for professional yet affordable assistance.

With our rigging services, we utilize an experienced and extensively trained team of experts for moving cranes from one location to another on the customer’s behalf. Whether you need help to relocate your entire organization to a different location or to have cranes brought to and from a work site, we possess the necessary qualifications.


TOMCO Goes Above and Beyond

What makes this unique is that not all moving companies provide rigging services. At TOMCO, our goal is to offer our customers a full spectrum of solutions that go beyond the conventional. Just like our other options, we customize a plan according to your specifications. Even if you move to a different city or state, we have a vast network of resources to ensure we deliver your cranes on time and without damage.

As part of our rigging services, we organize and execute the agreed upon plan regardless of the size, type, or weight of the crane. By following a strategic process, you do not have to stress about disrupted workflow. Our logistics expert handles the preparation and organizes the dismantling, packing, shipping, and reinstallation for projects like this to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Superior Quality and Service

Customers who demand quality appreciate having a trusted source to turn to. At TOMCO, we have two primary goals. First, achieving the customer’s 100 percent satisfaction and second, keeping safe everyone involved with moving cranes. We accomplish those by providing flawless and affordable service and using only highly skilled professionals for the job.

To learn more about industrial rigging and the other solutions, contact TOMCO today for more information.