Commercial Movers in Newport News, VA

Professional Commercial Movers in Newport News, VA & Surrounding AreasCommercial Movers in Newport News, VA

Regardless of the type of business you own or how far you’re going, moving can be tricky business. The Other Moving Company offers professional services to help make it easier, reducing your company’s downtime and making the transition seamless.

Relocating your business can be a rough period of transition. Adjusting to the new space and getting services up and running can take a long time. With a professional moving company, it doesn’t have to.

As a leader among commercial moving companies in Newport News, VA, The Other Moving Company can make the move quickly. Our commercial movers can help your business get back up and running so there’s no pause in your profit. We’ll even help with the setup, letting your employees get back to what they do best.


Flexible Commercial Moving and Storage Options

No business is set up the same. We completely understand that your business or company might have unique needs based on its size, the distance of the move and the requirements of your industry. That’s why all of our movers are specially trained and ready to work with you to find the best solutions available.

If your main focus is reducing downtime, we can prioritize equipment and tools. Our commercial movers can even help you set up your office space, getting your business back up and running in record time.

If you have heavier things, we’ll transport those efficiently and with care. From product shelves to cubicles, copy machines to cash registers; we’ll provide safe transport. And if you need us to hold onto anything, we offer secure storage options to keep your equipment safe during the transition.


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