Cross Country Movers in Yorktown, VA

The Top Cross Country Movers in Yorktown, VA & Surrounding AreasCross Country Movers in Yorktown, VA

Working with a leader among moving companies is important regardless of the size or distance of your move. But you’re moving across the country or a similar distance, it’s even more important to get quality help you can count on.

The Other Moving Company has the best cross country movers in Yorktown, VA and the surrounding areas. Our movers work with a level of professionalism and expertise that’s hard to find in other companies. Whatever unique challenges your move has in store and however far away you’re moving, our movers are up for the job.


Secure, Safe Storage Solutions

If you’re moving further away, you might not be able to bring all of your belongings with you at one time. Maybe the dorm isn’t quite ready yet or you just need a place to keep your stuff while you work on moving the smaller pieces.

That’s why The Other Moving Company offers secure storage solutions across the country. We offer short and long-term storage solutions. And with our expert logistic solutions, our cross country movers will have no problem getting your things to you when you’re ready.


Flexible Moving Services

The Other Moving Company offers several different types of moving and storage services. Some of the services our professional movers offer includes:

  • Packing & Unpacking – We’ll help you pack up all of your items so they’re safe and secure for the journey.
  • Heavy Lifting – If you have awkward furniture or are worried about getting in pieces in or out of a space, our cross country movers can handle it so you don’t have to.
  • Set-Up & Installation – Once you get to where you’re going, we’ll help you set up all of the furniture and make your move-in process that much easier.


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Contact The Other Moving Company to create a custom moving package and get a free cost estimate for your move. From residential family moves to commercial office moves, our professional movers have you covered.