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Even though Hampton Roads, VA has a lot of moving companies, not all of them offer the same services. If you need help with a home or business move, The Other Moving Company (TOMCO) has the best movers in all of Hampton Roads.

As the best experienced movers, we know that every client has different needs and levels of stress. Instead of giving you ready-made answers, we first look at your case. Then, we make a plan based on what we find. The goal of our movers in Hampton Roads is to speed up the moving process and cut down on the time it takes to finish the job. So, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Professional Movers in Hampton Roads, VA Offer Top Moving Services

  • Options –Our hardworking movers in Hampton Roads will get your things to where you need them to be. For example, if you are living in the same city or a nearby city, we can help you with things you need. Depending on how far you are going out of state, we can help you with long-distance or national moves. Even if you plan to move abroad, we know how to handle international moves.
  • Rental Trucks – If you only have a small load, you might prefer to rent a truck. While it might seem counterproductive, at TOMCO, we are a full-service company. That means along with our professional services in Hampton Roads, VA, we also offer our customers rental trucks.
  • Military Assistance – We also have a lot of experience helping people who are in or have been in the service. You can leave every detail to our pros so you can focus on other things. For this kind of service, our experienced movers go through training to make sure that every step of the process meets your and the government’s expectations.
  • Storage –If you are moving to this part of Virginia and need to store things for any length of time, TOMCO has a clean, safe facility with many different storage rooms. For example, you can use one of our climate-controlled units to store furniture made of wood or leather, artwork, electronics, collectibles, and other sensitive things. Even if you need to store everything before you move into your new home, we have large places for you.
  • Convenient Services – We are known as the best professional movers in the Hampton Roads area, and we offer a wide range of services to make your life easier. For example, we can professionally pack and unpack your belongings, separate and reconnect your electronics, take apart, reassemble, and install your furniture, move your car, and more.


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Instead of taking a chance with just any Hampton Roads movers, you can always rely on us at The Other Moving Company. For more information or to have an estimator come to your home to perform an assessment, please contact us today.