Bring More Than 11,000 Gallons Of Water To The People Of Flint, MI

Networking For Neighbors – Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, The Other Moving Company, And Keller Williams Dream Girls Collaborate To Bring More Than 11,000 Gallons Of Water To The People Of Flint, MI

Mobilizing into action to help their neighbors is just what was done by the perfect partners: Realtors® and professional movers. Because the Flint water contamination story has gotten national coverage, and because Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has agents across the country, Virginians Claudine Ellis of Dream Girls Real Estate, a Keller Williams office, and Brian Hudgins of The Other Moving Company, a Stevens Worldwide agent, are showing what it means to be good neighbors.

Just when local sources seem to be “tapped out,” the friends and neighbors out in the greater Virginia Beach, Virginia, area were ready to help. The Keller Williams Dream Girls office has orchestrated a water drive and gotten an overwhelming response with more than 3,500 cases of water donated – enough to properly hydrate 80 people every day for six months, based on the water needs outlined by the Mayo Clinic and U.S. Geological Survey data.

With water in Virginia Beach, and desperate needs in Flint, Michigan, the longstanding partnership between Keller Williams and Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is being leveraged by using one of Stevens’ agent companies, The Other Moving Company, located in the “back yard” of the Virginia water collection location.

The Other Moving Company owner Brian Hudgins has donated his truck, a professional driver and crew. Hudgins put it this way, “We’re movers, helpers and neighbors. I can make sure that donated water gets to Flint, Michigan, and I’m honored to partner with the Keller Williams Dream Girls team to make it happen.”

The Other Moving Company has loaded the water in Virginia and is heading 1000 miles to Flint, Michigan, for delivery on Monday, February 29, approximately 9 a.m. at the Brennan Senior Center at 1301 Pingree Ave., Flint, MI.

Says Brennan Senior Center Director Deborah Holmes, “It is fantastic and wonderful to know that people from across the country care for us right here in Flint. And the coordination and teamwork is just what the people of Flint need right now.”

Coordination is key to this massive water donation, so partnering with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines and their trusted agent, The Other Moving Company, makes for a smart move. Says Stevens President and Chief Operating Officer, Joe Biskner, “Stevens is a family-focused company. We care about our neighbors, and we have agents across the country. It is outstanding to be able to partner with the Keller Williams team, and our agent at The Other Moving Company to get this water to where it will do the most good…in Flint, Michigan! Stevens supports many causes, like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Move for Hunger®, so when this idea came to life, we were glad to help. Neighbors helping neighbors.”

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